How to choose Coolight LED strip lights?

5 Steps to choose Coolight LED strip lights products


Step 1: decide to choose flexible LED strips or Rigid LED strips?

For Rigid LED strips, Coolight have some standard version and most of the rigid LED strips are customized according to customers’ requirement, contact sales@coolightled.com directly.

For Flexible LED strip products, pls go on to next step.


Step 2: decide to choose the working voltage of the Flexible LED strips.

Normally, we have the working voltage 12VDC and 24V DC product version for optional. 


Step 3: decide to choose the LED components, Color temperature, and CRI.

Coolight have the 3528, 5050, 2835, 3014 and 2216 LED flexible strips. 

The normal 3528 LED is 20mA(0.06W) per pcs, 5050 LED is 60mA(0.2W) per pcs, 2835 LED is 60mA(0.2W) per pcs.

And the 2216 have the 20mA(0.06W) version and 60mA(0.2W) version flexible LED strips, the 2216 20mA(0.06W) version can take the place of 3528 products, and the 2216 60mA(0.2W) products can take place of the 5050 and 2835 flexible LED strips.

Notice: All the 2216 LED components we use are high color rending index CRI 90-95 and CRI 95-97, for CRI 95-97 the standard color temperatures available are 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, and for CRI 90-95 the standard color temperatures available are 2300K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, but the normal 3528 is only above CRI80. Click to know more about high CRI 90-95 2216 flexible LED strips

If you need the special color temperature range and different CRI, contact sales@coolightled.com directly.


Step 4: decide the power consumption, light output of the different LED quantity flexible LED strips per meter(Product Part Number)

Check the power consumption and light output information of different LED quantity flexible strips on Coolight  products catalog, choose the one you need and inform us the products Part Number. Click here to download Coolight catalog

This step is very important and very complex.

If you can send your project requirement details, our professional sales staffs will give you the right suggestion quickly, contact sales@coolightled.com now.


Step 5: decide to give more customized requirement?

Coolight can design and make the customized label information, packages according to your demand.

Our standard flexible LED strips package is 5meter per reel, plastic bag with desiccant.