5050 CRI>80 & CRI 90-95 Flexible LED Strip

In the coming June 2017, Coolight will bulk produce 5050 CRI 90-95 flexible LED strips, and  we will show the CRI 90-95 5050 flexible LED strips in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 9-12th, June, 2017. Our booth No. is A11, Hall 11.2

5050 SMD LED is a long history SMD LED components, ‘5050’ itself means this SMD LED component is about 5.4mm(L)X5.0mm(W).

Normally, the most used 5050 SMD LED have 3 chips inside, it can be Red LED chips, Blue chips, Green chips, Yellow(Amber) chips to output Red color, Blue color, Green color, Yellow(Amber) color, and using a blue chip and the phosphor together to fabricate the white LED to output like 3000K, 4000K, 6000K different white colors. And 5050 RGB LED have one Red chip, one Green chip and one Blue chip inside.

In Coolight LED lighting, we use them to make 12V or 24V, 30LED/meter, 60LED/meter flexible LED strip products.

5050 SMD LED dimension



White color 5050 SMD LED color binning info

5050 color binning chromaticity diagram-refond