3528 Flexible LED Strip CRI>80 & CRI 90-95 & CRI 95-97

3528 SMD LED is nearly the longest history SMD LED components, ‘3528’ itself means this SMD LED component is about 3.5mm(L)X2.8mm(W).

Normally, the most used 3528 SMD LED have 1 chips inside, it can be Red LED chips, Blue chips, Green chips, Yellow(Amber) chips to output Red color, Blue color, Green color, Yellow(Amber) color, and using a blue chip and the phosphor together to fabricate the white LED to output like 3000K, 4000K, 6000K different white colors.

3528 SMD LED components are widely used for many products. In Coolight LED lighting, we use them most to make different LED strip products, mainly for flexible LED strips.


In 2014, we signed a long-term strategy contract with the quality LED component manufacturer-Refond company. Based on our matured supply chain and our annual production quantity, we did a lot of research work on production management in the last years, now we can provide you the same LED bins flexible LED strips every shipments.

The same bins LED strips every shipments will help you simplify your stock management, make sure every shipment products stable quality, help you to get more customers, expand your market, and then you can get more profit.


From January 2017, Coolight start to bulk produce 3-step MacAdam flexible LED strip products with 3528 CRI>80 & CRI 90-95, 2835 CRI>80 & CRI90-95 SMD LEDs. The 3-step MacAdam products have the advantage in strict color consistency and only one bin shipment.

For more details, pls visit the links http://www.ledatob.com/3528-3-step-macadam-flexible-led-strip/

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