2216 SMD LED Components News in 2016

After Coolight manufacturing the high CRI 90-95 2216 flexible LED strips since 2015, we always paid attention to the process of other 2216 LED suppliers.


Early this year 2016, we noticed that Osram and Nichia just released their new SMD LED components similar with 2216 LED components.


  1. Osram DURIS E2 GW JBLMS2.EM  2.2×1.6×0.55mm


osram 2216 smd led components 01

osram 2216 smd led components 02

  1. Nichia NESW146A  2.2×1.4×0.7mm



From the datasheet on Nichia website, the LED NESW146A forward current 30mA with dimension 2.2×1.4×0.7mm.

 nichia 2216 smd led components


In 2014, Coolight started to use 2216 SMD LED components and in 2015 Coolight start to produce the first high CRI 90-95 2216 flexible LED strip products, this products have many advantage than the normal LED components like normal 3528, 5050, 2835, 3014 LEDs at Slim body,  High color rending performance, Excellent heat dissipation pad design, Working from 10mA to 60mA forward  current.


And from July 2016, Coolight will bulk produce the higher CRI 95-97 flexible LED strips,  based on CRI 95-97 2216 SMD LED components.


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 CRI 95-97 2216 flexible led strip tape ribbon

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