From January 2017, Coolight started to bulk produce 3-step MacAdam CRI>90 3528, 2835 flexible LED strip products.

1.In order to o make sure the flexible LED strips within 3-step MacAdam ellipse, EVERY pcs 3528, 2835 CRI>90 SMD LED we use on the strips is within 3-step MacAdam ellipse.

2.The 3-step MacAdam ellipses under different color temperatures are based on the IEC 60081:1997 standards center point(x,y)value.

Coolight LED lighting started the business with flexible LED strip products since 2006,  and now we have nearly 10 years experience on flexible LED strip ribbons. Besides LED strips, Coolight also produce series of LED panel lighting for office lighting (Website: www.coolightled.com) and NTO LED light panel module products for under cabinet lighting and creative lighting design(Website: www.notoled.com). 

At present, for the flexible LED strip products, we have 2216 CRI 90-95 & CRI 95-97 flexible LED strips, 3014 side view flexible LED strips, 3528 standard CRI 80 and high CRI 95-97 flexible strip ribbon, 2835 standard CRI 80 and high CRI 95-97 flexible LED strips, 5050 RGB and the latest 3528 RGB flexible LED strip products,  working voltage 12V/24V DC input,  applied for many application like Hotels, Shops, Museums, Kitchen and Cabinet lightings.

And we also make some special customized design LED strip products according to customers’ requirement.